detect core

The simplest way to sense and test on the Helium IoT network.

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3 devices in 1

Easily switch between three different modes to fit your use case

Environmental Sensor

The Detect Core is first and foremost an environmental sensor. It works out of the box, just add it to your account and start viewing your data.

Coverage Testing

Test IoT network coverage before placing the device in the desired location. It only takes a few seconds using the mobile app.

Mappers Mode

Contribute to the Helium Mappers community project to prove real world coverage.

All-in-one Environmental Sensing

View all your data in clean charts with timeframes from minutes to months.




Air Quality - VOCs

Ambient + UV Light

Test Coverage in Seconds

Test coverage in seconds before you deploy a device. View the hotspot locations and signal strength that received your packet.

A Development Device at Heart

Built with RAK Wireless WisBlock components, you can easily turn it into your own custom device or piece out at any time if you choose.

RAK WisBlock Modules

  • WisBlock Mini Base Board - RAK19003
  • Nordic nRF52840 + Semtech SX1262 - RAK4630
  • Bosch BME680 - RAK1906
  • Lite-On LTR-390UV-01 - RAK12019


  • LoRaWAN on Helium IoT Network
  • BLE for Mobile App Interaction


  • 500 mAh LiPo Battery
  • USB C Charging
Detect Core Grey

Detect Labs Mobile App

mobile app devices screen

Manage your Detect Core devices and view your data on the go.

  • Connect to Detect Core
  • Test Coverage
  • Contribute to Mappers
  • Upgrade Firmware
  • Change device settings
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